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Task Based Guides

ITEL have long established relationships with Avaya and BT, built on many years of experience providing Technical Documentation for engineers and technicians. These relationships, coupled with ITEL’s expertise, have produced guides for BCM, SCS and IP Office. (The current suite of IPOCC guides available from Avaya are an example of the quality of documentation provided)

ITEL’s Task Based Guides steer the Installation Technician through a variety of configuration procedures from start to finish. This step-by-step, illustrative approach minimises the risk of installation issues and helps to streamline the installation process for IP Office. The result... faster, error-free installations... reducing your costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

The IP Office Rls. 9.x Task Based Guides are packaged as a suite of guides covering such topics as:

  • Initial Installation
  • Core Telephony
  • Users, Telephone & Softphone Configuration
  • Auto Attendant & Voicemail
  • Voicemail Pro
  • One X Portal & IP Office Applications
  • Customer Call Reporter – CCR
  • Maintenance

ITEL’s Task Based Guides are copy protected for use by specified technicians.