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IP Office HuntGroup View

HuntGroup View is a Real Time reporting solution for BT's IP Office system, for businesses that have customer-facing departments.

It enhances the IP Office platform by providing you with essential business information on the Hunt Groups, call traffic and User activity in those departments.

By giving both Managers and Users visibility to this data, you can ensure that your levels of performance, efficiency and customer satisfaction are achieved.

HuntGroup View allows you to view your system's status, but more importantly, gives you a "window" into the activity and performance of your people, which in turn will help improve your productivity and customer service.

Features include:

  • Instant real time statistics - reduce waiting times and queue lengths
  • Monitor Hunt Groups and User activity - respond to changes
  • Detailed day-to-day information - maintain performance
  • Historical Reports - identify when extra resources are required
  • Provides two types of desktop clients:
    • Manager Dashboard
    • User Sidebar

HuntGroup View supports up to:

  • 8 Manager Dashboards
  • 32 User Sidebars
  • 8 Hunt Groups